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Corporate Photography

CCT Photography are specialists in Corporate Photography. We can help you create your identity with our products. From Head Shots to 360 imagery and everything in between including lifestyle and product photography. We will make your business the one your potential costumers want to choose. While anyone can create images for their business choosing a photographer that is prepared to go that extra little in this the digital age can make all the difference. If you want to set your business apart from the rest you need great photography.

Corporate Head Shots

Quality Corporate Head shots are not as simple as they seem. What background are you after? Do you want to use the colours in your logo? How should you stand and what is the right lighting to project that image you would like? All these need to be considered before the shutter button is pressed. A great Corporate Head Shot will send the right message to your customers. Let us help you today.

Corporate Lifestyle

Have you looked at stoke images and thought they are nice but just look cheesy and don't represent you business? We can solve that using your staff. Create real images that represent you and attract the clients you want. Need a group images that's a bit different? Want that office images that shows your staff working hard in your office? We can arrange these images and make them look sensational catered to your business.

Product Photography

Product photo's can make or break your product. You spend good money on your product, it's packaging and it's overall look. You don't want spoil that with a do it yourself image that doesn't show it correctly. We can photograph your product making sure the colours are accurate and it's clear sharp. Do you need a completely white background? Would you like no background at all? Would you like a nice reflection in the front or none at all? We can make your product look inviting and professional.

Architecture Photography

Have you seen photo's of buildings that just look wrong? Where the lines are bent and crooked? Then seen images that have a great sky in the background with lights that just highlight the whole building? What about interior images where there is nothing on the other side of a window but a blob of white?

We can create stunning images of both interior and exterior buildings that show them as stunning as they are.